Madrid is one of the most famous cities in Europe, the capital of Spain, in the center of the Castilian plain. Built on the construction site of Fort Moor Magerit, this city is the largest in Spain with Barcelona.   invite you to see the Madrid attractions in Spain that you can find during your trip.



If you really want to escape the noise, people, buildings, cars and chaos of the big city, then you have to get to Rascafría. This beautiful region lies in the mountains around Madrid and is completely isolated from everything that looks like a cityscape. There are several small towns in the area, the most important being Rascafría. The area is full of farms and is most popular for outdoor activities where visitors can participate. From swimming in the beautiful freshwater lakes to the forest to riding or climbing, Rascafría is the perfect refuge


It was once the official residence of the kings of Spain and also houses a popular monastery. The historic buildings in El Escorial are some of the most important places in the real history of Spain, almost all the kings and emperors of the last 500 years are buried in the Basilica, including Carlos V, the Holy Roman Emperor! People from all over the country travel to the halls of the famous church, it is an unforgettable experience. In addition to historical events, El Escorial is a wonderful destination to escape from a small town.


Aranjuez is home to a royal palace that is almost identical to Madrid and is known for its gardens. It’s even hard to call it a garden. It looks more like a huge forest, with hundreds of gardens, fountains, paths, waterfalls, sculptures, and buildings woven throughout the property. The city itself is very quiet, so if you are looking for a quiet day or weekend away from Madrid, just bring a book and good shoes to spend your days with the beautiful scenery.

Toledo / Segovia

Toledo and Segovia are two of the most recommended places for day trips and weekends when it comes to leaving Madrid. That’s why we brought them together. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle that accompanies life in a city, it is true that cities are small by comparison, but also a tourist destination, which means they are incredibly busy on weekends.

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Puerta del Sol

This public square is one of the most famous and popular squares in Spain and the ideal meeting place to explore Madrid. With the famous sign Tío Pepe, the famous statue of the bear and a beautiful clock tower, this square, which originally belonged to the city gates in the 15th century, should not be missing.

Plaza Mayor

This square, one of the most impressive squares in Spain, has 237 balconies overlooking the center of the square where a statue of King Felipe III sits on his horse. The 17th-century Plaza Mayor is now home to outdoor cafes and restaurants, where stray tourists can relax, enjoy a drink and soak up the atmosphere.

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Spain is one of the largest in Europe and visitors can admire the majestic columns, the golden decoration and a large number of statues outside. The interior is equally impressive, with a collection of court paintings, frescoes and even a collection of Stradivarius.

Temple of Debod

Although this temple dates from the 2nd century B.C, it was given to Spain and relocated in 1968 to its present location in Madrid. Although it seems strange to see an Egyptian statue in the center of a European city, the Templo de Debod is one of Madrid’s most popular attractions.


Although Madrid is far from the sea, the city enjoys a Mediterranean climate that means hot, humid summers and mild winters. Spring (April to June) and Autumn (September to November) have the mildest and most pleasant climate. The heart of winter (January and February) can be quite cold and rainy, with a high average o f42°F (6 ° C) in July and August can be very hot, with a high average of 76 ° F (25 °c)


Madrid has an excellent subway and bus network (air-conditioned) that connects virtually every place a visitor desires, including the airport. A 10-seat ticket costs 12.20 euros (1.5 euros per single ticket). For longer trips, there are Cercania’s suburban trains and the Renfe National Rail Service. Taxis are numerous and provide a reliable and inexpensive way to get around, though most of the taxi drivers don’t speak English, we recommend to contact one of the best limo or shuttle service or

Xperiences in Madrid

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