´Xperience by horse´, a derivation of Horse Experiences was born to spread the experience with horses around the world. Nature, passion, freedom, all combined in a single moment which could be the start of a life change.

Make your day with your family or friends unforgettable!


Matias Alvarez Capitaine

Co-Founder & Creator of Opportunities

Put the A-Team together at XBH. Last Minute Specialist, Globetrotter & Polo Player. Speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese and German. His motto is “Man muss das Unmögliche versuchen, um das Mögliche zu erreichen”.

Mariano H Chiesa

Co-Founder & Organizer of Random Thoughts and Erratic Activity

Born in San Martin de Los Andes (Argentine Patagonia). He loves outdoor activities and experiences in the mountains such as skiing, camping, horseback riding. Tourism and Product savvy, he keeps the rest of the team on the schedule.

Bautista Diaz Alberdi

Co-Founder & Chief Idea Ambassador

Polo and horses have been his life since a child. Entrepreneur and Real Estate Capital Advisor. From Argentina, based in Madrid. Loves playing guitar, travelling and playing all kind of sports!

Fede Dick Ramos

Co-Founder & Director of Arts and Crafts

Creates engaging marketing campaigns, artistic e-packaging for our products, and colorful designs. Tennis and animal enthusiastic. Federico met Matias in Madrid in 2005 in a Hostel Bar and after many beers and madness ideas, they start the 1st of many brand and design.

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